Cziffra Slice

Memorable Music with Rum and Raisins and Tart Cherry Pulp

Johann Sebastian Bach is often quoted as saying that there is nothing remarkable about playing music: all you have to do is hit the right keys at the right time. From the famous definition a decent effort as well as virtuoso play can be born. Or an uplifting masterpiece – if a genius is sitting at the piano. It is in this spirit of excellence that the Cziffra slice, a masterpiece of confectionery, pays tribute in its own special way.

The latest masterpiece of Szamos Marzipan Manufacture is elegant and decorative and at the same time it is a subtle reminder of the adventurous period in the virtuoso’s career as a bar pianist. A confectionery delight for the dedicated music lover, the stylised piano key made of white and dark chocolate tops two layers of sponge cake hiding a memorable combination of unique notes: apricot jam, syrup, rum and raisins and tart cherry pulp. A masterpiece is inimitable if there is nothing missing from it and it does not contain anything that could be left out.

In this respect, too, the Cziffra slice lives up to the spirit of its namesake.